Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMP only available as a subscription?

Yes. We only offer our services in our subscription format. Click for details

What is the difference between SMP Basic and SMP PRO subscriptions?

The PRO upgrade offers everything Basic does, plus all the premium features such as automated nesting, translators, and reverse engineering capabilities of SMP. Click for details.

Does SMP support CNC punching machines?

Yes. We have developed unique machine drivers for thousands of punching machines.

Does SMP support plasma, laser, waterjet, or other cutting machines?

Yes. We have developed unique machine drivers for thousands of cutting machines.

Can SMP have more than one CNC machine on a single license?

Yes. A single license of SMP can run multiple punching and cutting machines.

Do you offer part programming services?

Yes. We have a full staff that programs parts for customers, whether it be from a raw drawing or any common CAD file. We often take over your orders when you have a programmer out for a period of time.

Does the Basic subscription offer any nesting?

Yes. Interactive Nesting and Multiples are available in our Basic SMP subscription.

Is your subscription cloud based?

No. SMP is an on-premise solution that uses a USB dongle for access.

Can I upgrade to PRO subscription at any time?

Yes. Upgrading your SMP license from Basic to PRO can be done any time. Please contact your Account Manager to upgrade now at 941-475-1788.

When is technical support available?

Our support team is available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time.

What operating system can I run SMP on?

SMP can be run on all supported versions of Microsoft Windows.