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Merry Mechanization’s Newest Sheet Metal Software Release Includes an Updated Posting Feature That Creates NC Code for More than One CNC Machine

Merry Mechanization recently updated its sheet metal software to include a powerful posting feature that will write NC code for several machines.

Once a part or nest has been optimized and is ready for production in Merry Mechanization's SMP sheet metal fabrication software, the programmer posts it to a particular machine, telling the driver to write the NC code for that machine. Posting is machine-specific, creating the NC code for the machine and an operation sheet with part production details for the machine. If a shop has more than one machine, the machine for which the code is intended may be fully loaded or may not be in operation. In this case, part production should ideally take place on another machine.

Posting to a new machine is generally quite difficult unless the new machine is identical with the previous one. The new CNC machine may have different tools available, may not be able to use some of the tools specified, or may even have different safety zones for work holder clamps. Reposting the part/nest to a different machine would generally mean that the job might have to be completely re-programmed. Not with SMP’s Cross Posting feature.

The SMP posting area has a Cross Post feature that makes posting to a new machine easier and less time-consuming. The program evaluates the new machine and highlights changes the programmer has to carry out. When the changes are completed so that the new machine can produce the required part/nest, SMP creates a new NC code and operation sheet for the new machine.

How Posting and Cross Posting Work

When the parts and nests are posted, the CAD/CAM software, SMP, writes and displays the NC code and operation sheet. The NC code gives the instructions for punching or cutting with specific tools and the operation sheet has information about the job, such as the size of the sheet, tools to be used, and clamp locations. Before the sheet metal machine runs the job, the operator makes sure the specified tools are loaded and the required sheets are ready. The CNC machine can then follow the coded instructions, created by SMP, step by step to produce the programmed parts.

The NC code may not work for a different machine and the tools specified on the operations sheet may not work with another machine because it may have a different tool library or they simply don’t fit in a different CNC machine. SMP’s Cross Post feature, created by Merry Mechanization, lets programmers choose to post the parts program to a machine different from the one for which the program was originally written. It will even work when changing to a different brand of sheet metal machine. Whether you are going from an Amada to a Trumpf, or a LVD Strippit to a Muratec, SMP’s Cross Posting feature can handle it.

When Cross Post is selected from within SMP, the programmer can see the available machines and can choose one. The software evaluates the capabilities of the new machine and adapts the parts program, showing which operations can't be carried out on the new machine. The programmer can then select tools available on the new machine to carry out the required operations. The SMP Cross Posting function adjusts the parts program to use the new tool. When this process is complete, the changed parts program can be posted to the new machine and the corresponding machine code and operations sheet will be generated.

The SMP Cross Posting function is a powerful production management tool for sheet metal shops with more than one CNC machine. Sheet metal shop programmers no longer have to worry about recreating parts and nests if a needed machine is unavailable. Instead they can simply Cross Post to the next available machine and carry on with uninterrupted production of parts.

About Merry Mechanization

Merry Mechanization’s SMP/IS CAD/CAM and Nesting Software is trusted by several of the leading sheet metal fabricators and works seamlessly with many brands of CNC sheet metal machines. Using Merry Mechanization’s suite of powerful software, manufacturing is more optimized and streamlined while providing lots of automation to make a sheet metal programmer’s job easier.