Total Nesting Automation

Auto Optimize

With features such as “Optimize Auto-Index By Angle”, “Reverse Nibble Cycles”, and “Next Tool Starts In-“, the Auto Optimize options will give you the level of precision you require automatically.

Automatic Duplicate Removal

Eliminates duplicate tooling hits when parts align and a common edge punch will satisfy both hits.

Automatically Add Subroutines

The ability to define the parameters in which to apply automatic subroutines.

Automatic Tool Resequencing

Allows the user to resequence the station order with an ASCII text file.

Automatic Repositioning

These settings control reposition pad behavior in Multiples if Add>Repo>Auto Repo is selected or Auto Reposition is selected in TNA.

Auto NC

Turn on AutoPunch or AutoLaser/Combo to program each individual part. Auto NC Parameters shown in Profile Manager will be used.