Font Outline Importâ„¢

Font Outline Import is a valuable time saving tool that will make programming text fast and easy.

Functionality Overview

Versatile - One purchase will work with all your SMP drivers, whether it be for a punch machine or cutting machine. Mark, etch, scribe, cut, or punch text on any SMP part using Font Outline Import.

Easy - Simply select Font Outline Import from the dropdown menu, select the font and size, type your desired text, and then pick a location on the part.

Fast - Text can be added to any SMP part in seconds, or exported for use with other CAD programs.

Flexible - Add as actual features of a part, or insert as NC on a part.

Unlimited - Works with all regular style fonts installed on your computer, whether you have just a few or thousands, Font Outline Import will work with them.

Accurate - You can be confident that Font Outline Import will provide you with the perfection you expect.