Nesting Software

Save Time and Material without Sacrificing Control

Pebble Time

Interactive Nesting Features Save Time and Material without Sacrificing Control


Increase utilization

With total control of part placement you will create the most efficent nests.


Part in Part Nesting

Reduce waste by placing parts into internal edge cutouts.


Customizable work space

Build nests with the ability to swiftly change the sheet size as needed.


Interactive Nesting

The SMP/IS Interactive Nesting routine gives you total control over part placement. It allows you to interactively create nests of parts and then treat that nest as a single entity within the program. Any number of parts may be placed on an individual blank. The nest may contain any quantity of one specific part, many different parts, or all of the parts required for an assembly.

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AutoNest® is a schedule-based, automatic, rectangular nesting routine designed to maximize material usage and reduce machine setup time. It is a cost-effective way for fabricators to meet JIT manufacturing requirements.

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NestMaster® true-shape nesting is designed to nest sheet metal parts, maximize material utilization, increase productivity, and decrease turnaround time. The program reads a list of programmed parts, analyzes the real geometry of each part, and nests them together on blank material stock. NestMaster® can read in a comma-delimited ASCII file to generate a list of parts to nest. This file can be created by an MRP/ERP system or any other software. NestMaster® has been specifically designed to run your punch machines, cutting machines, or combination machines.

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Total Nesting Automation™

Total Nesting Automation is designed to process your parts from start to finish without user intervention. Just add a batch of CAD files or existing SMP parts to the CAD File List and specify how you want the parts to be programmed and nested. Then you just click a button and walk away!

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