Interactive Nesting

Improved Interactive Nesting increases control over the nesting process. Interactive Nesting provides the operator freedom to rotate and flip parts to create nests with higher utilization. This can dramatically increase profitability per sheet and even cut down costly run times.

Solidworks Translator

Flatten your sheet metal parts and import them into SMP/IS with a single click of the mouse!When you click one of the two icons, the Translator will flatten your sheet metal part, export a DXF file, then import that file into SMP/IS automatically.

GPT Shape Creator

Save time creating special tools in Merry Mechanization's SMP/IS CAD/CAM Sheet Metal Fabrication and Nesting Software by using the Special Tools Shape Creator. Create commonly used GPTs in a few simple steps. SMP/IS offers over 50 preloaded shapes that you can easily alter dimensions and angle creating the specific tool for your needs. Accommodate cluster tools, 4 way radius tools, banana tools, and more.

Font Outline Import

Add part identification with ease with Merry Mechanization's Font Outline Import. Punch or Laser text directly onto the SMP/IS sheet metal part with a click of the mouse.

Force Spacing In Interactive Nesting

How to use force spacing in SMP/IS interactive nesting software.