Amada AE-2510 NT

Amada's AE series of punching machines have two models, the AE-255 NT and this one.

This CNC punching machine has a servo-electric drive that lowers the consumption of power by over 50% when comparing it to an equivalent machine that is hydraulic.

Amada AE-2510 NT

Both machines have a great space-saving design and have a small footprint which shrinks the production area needed. Both machines also share the same drive and bridge frame. One main difference between this machine and the AE-255 NT is the working area.

The consumption of power is at a low 3.5 kW, which is excellent considering the faster stroke speed that it has.

Merry Mechanization's sheet metal fabrication and nesting software, SMP, are a great complement to this punch machine.

The maintenance for this machine including the spare component costs are quite low because of the drive system.

Machine Specifications

AE-2510 NT
Punching force: 200 kN
Machine frame: Bridge frame
Table loading weight: 150 kg
Maximum hit rate: 480 per minute
Hit rate with 25mm pitch: 390 per minute
Tool stations: 51
Punching drive: Servo-electric drive
Working range (X x Y): 1270 x 2500 mm
Positioning speed: 80 - 60 mm
Hit rate in marking mode: 900 per minute
Tooling system: Turret magazine
Tool stations that can rotate: 4
Manufacturer: Amada
Display type: Color display (Touchscreen)
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 5
Programming system: Absolute/Incremental
Width: 5,120 mm
Height: 2,082 mm
Type: AMNC-F
Display size: 15"
Operating system: Windows XP
Memory capacity: 128 MB
Length: 4,165 mm
Weight: 13,000 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.