Amada Apelio III 2510V

The 2510V from Amada's Apelio III series is a great punch-laser machine for sheet metal working.

When you combine the flexibility of a laser machine with a fast turret punch machine, you get an ideal scenario for small batch and high volume jobs.

Amada Apelio 2510

Using the punch, it can achieve over 1000 HPM and a high 410 HPM on a 25mm pitch using its hydraulic ram that is intelligent serve-controlled.

This machine also has three auto index stations which can rotate three tools 360 degrees with a rotation increment as low as .01 degrees. This helps lowering the setup times and providing great flexibility.

Using the laser, it can handle about 140 holes per minute on thin sheet metal materials. This machine can still cut steel material as thick as 12mm.

The SMP CAD/CAM software by Merry Mechanization works well with this Apelio III 2510V combination (punch/laser) machine.

Machine Specifications

Apelio III 2510V
Machine frame: Bridge frame
Simultaneous axis speed: 128 m/min
Laser Properties
1500 W/2000 W depending on the oscillator
Oscillator: AF 1500/AF 2000
Laser type: CO2-Laser
Working range for Laser (X x Y): 2500 x 1270 mm
Type: AF 1500/AF 2000
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Duty range: 0 ~ 100%
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Beam divergence: < 2 mm x mrad
Laser source: AC HF excited, fast-flowing
Pulse frequency: Hz
Laser wave length: 10.6 µm
Lasergas consumption: 10 l per hour
Punching properties
Punching force: 200 kN
Working range for punching (X x Y): 1270 x 2500 mm
Tool stations: 31
Punching drive: Hydraulic
Tooling system: Turret magazine
Tool stations that can rotate: 3
Operating system: Embedded
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 3
Length: 5,120 mm
Height: 2,511 mm
Display: 9" Monochrome
Operating system: Embedded
Programming system: ISO / EIA
Width: 5,089 mm
Weight: 16,000 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.