Amada Coma 557

The Coma-557 is a turret punch press from Amada and has the desired performance for punching thick and large work at great precision.

For superior and stable processing results, the Coma-557 will supply this with the frame structure and the punch press bridge frame.

The turret punch press bridge frame will endure a long service life for all tooling. A high rigidity bridge frame is featured on the Amada Coma 557, which eliminates weak points of conventional C-frame punch presses.

The 75-Station tooling turret has split-second track selection due to the pneumatic striker system.

The Amada Coma 557 works efficiently when combined with SMP/IS software from Merry Mechanization.

Machine Specifications

Coma 557
Punching force: 500 kN
Machine frame: Bridge frame
Positioning speed: 0 - 0 mm
Hit rate with 25mm pitch: 200 per minute
Tool stations: 72
Punching drive: Eccentric drive
Working range (X x Y): 1270 x 1830 mm
Maximum hit rate: 300 per minute
Tooling system: Turret magazine
Tool stations that can rotate: 0
Type: AMADAN-04 PC
Display type: Color display
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 3
Length: 4,557 mm
Height: 2,200 mm
Display size: 14"
Operating system: Embedded
Programming system: ISO/EIA
Width: 3,765 mm
Weight: 17,000 kg