Amada Coma 588

For superior turret punch press performance, look no further than the Amada Coma 588.

The rigidity of the bridge frame guarantees stable and constant punching performance.

High speed operations retain precision through and through. The TripleTrack Turret System reduces tool changing time. The Coma 588 is equipped with a high powered D.C. servomotor and compact turret disc, which helps increase the results from turret speed.

Take advantage of all that the Amada Coma 588 has to offer when you program operations with SMP/IS.

Machine Specifications

Coma 558
Punching force: 500 kN
Machine frame: Bridge frame
Hit rate with 25mm pitch: 200 per minute
Tool stations: 72
Punching drive: Eccentric drive
Working range (X x Y): 2000 x 2000 mm
Maximum hit rate: 300 per minute
Tooling system: Turret magazine
Type: AMADAN-04 PC
Display type: Color display
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 3
Length: 6,190 mm
Height: 2,490 mm
Display size: 14"
Operating system: Embedded
Programming system: ISO/EIA
Width: 4,210 mm
Weight: 22,000 kg