Amada ENSIS-4020AJ

There are two models available in the ENSIS AJ series from Amada, the ENSIS-3015 and the ENSIS-4020, each coming in 2kw and 3kw.

This CNC laser cutting machine has a working range of 4070x2050 mm and can handle a cutting speed of 0-120 meters per minute. Users of this laser machine benefit from unattended rus of production with very little operation setup.

Amada ENSIS-4020AJ

The ENSIS AJ series cutting machine has eliminated the need to change lenses which provides a massive advantage of other machines. The automatic nozzle changing helps provide cutting results optimally. These features along with others provide almost interruption-free, high quality, high speed production.

Whether you are using nonferrous metals like aluminum, titanium, copper, stainless steel, or ferrous steels, the ENSIS AJ laser machine is ideal. There is a very small, compact footprint especially if you use the automatic loading/unloading tower.

A powerful CAD/CAM software like SMP from Merry Mechanization, will work with whichever ENSIS AJ laser machine you choose.

Machine Specifications

Laser Properties
Working range (X x Y): 4070 x 2050 mm
Oscillator: ENSIS 2000
Laser principle: Flying optic
Cutting speed: 0 - 120 m per minute
Shuttle Table Specifications
Maximum Material Length: 4,050 mm
Number of Pallets: 2 pieces
Maximum Material Mass: 1,570 kg
Maximum Material Width: 2,030 mm
Working Surface Height: 940 mm
Skid Pitch: 75 mm
Length: 12,080 mm
Height: 2,240 mm
Width: 3,360 mm
Weight: 17,200 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.