Amada FO 2412

The FO series from Amada is filled with features that you are looking for in a laser machine, and the Amada FO2412 is included.

The vibration is absorbed through its casting frame structure. With high speed processing, you get high accuracy.

Amada FO 2412

The laser CNC machine utilizes the lastest optical technology, A-O Unit. If the distance between the processing point and the oscilator, the focus of the beam remains constant.

The assist gas pressure is automatically controlled no matter what sheet metal thicknesses, materials, or cutting methods you are using.

SMP, sheet metal software by Merry Mechanization, handles the Amada FO 2412 laser cutting CNC machine very well, and can optimize the beam path effectively.

Machine Specifications

Laser Properties
Laser power: 2000W
Laser principle: Flying optic
Working range (Y-Axis): 1270 mm
Cutting speed: 0 - 80 m per minute
Positioning speed (Y-Axis): 80 m per minute
Laser type: CO2-Laser
Working range (X-Axis): 2520 mm
Working range (Z-Axis): 200 mm
Positioning speed (X-Axis): 80 m per minute
Type: AF 2000
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Duty range: 0 ~ 100%
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Laser source: AC HF excited, fast-flowing
Laser wave length: 10.6 µm
Lasergas consumption: 10 L per hour
Beam divergence: < 2 mm x mrad
Type: FANUC FS-160
Display type: Monochrome display
Display size: 9"
Length: 5,063 mm
Height: 2,343 mm
Width: 2,487 mm
Weight: 10,000 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.