Amada FO 4020

The laser system from Amada's FO series has high acurracy with highspeed processing.

CAD/CAM sheet metal software created by Merry Mechanization is a great CAD/CAM system to use on this machine.

Amada FO 4020

The RF discharge systems gives the laser oscillator's electrodes a long service life. The laser oscillator's consumption rate of laser gas is lower and the power supply provides great reliability.

A stacking device, loading and unloading device, and a lifter table makes up the sheet metal storage shelf unit. The Amada FO 4020 laser machine can load sheet metal material and unload the finished parts automatically.

The Amada FO4020 also has a pallet changer. Heavy and thick sheet metal materials can be processed when the pallet is placed on the processing table.

Machine Specifications

Laser Properties
Laser power: 4000W
Laser principle: Flying optic
Working range (Y-Axis): 2000 mm
Cutting speed: 0 - 80 m per minute
Positioning speed (Y-Axis): 80 m per minute
Laser type: CO2-Laser
Working range (X-Axis): 4070 mm
Working range (Z-Axis): 200 mm
Positioning speed (X-Axis): 80 m per minute
Type: AF 4000A
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Duty range: 0 ~ 100%
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Beam divergence: < 2 mm x mrad
Laser source: AC HF excited, fast-flowing
Pulse frequency: 5 Hz
Laser wave length: 10.6 µm
Lasergas consumption: 10 L per hour
Type: FANUC FS-160
Display type: Monochrome display
Display size: 9"
Weight: 15,000 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.