Amada Octo 334

The Octo series from Amada includes this punch press machine as well as the Amada Octo 344.

The price/performance ratio is excellent and makes this CNC punch machine very practical.

Amada Octo 334

The capacity is 33 tons and can handle a piece of sheet metal up to 29.5" x 39.37". It has the ability to handle eight stations at a time with one of those stations able to adjust to any angle.

Sheet Metal Nesting software by Merry Mechanization can utilize these stations to the maximum capability.

This Octo can be as accurate as you need it to be since it can increment as little as one thousandth of an inch.

Machine Specifications

Punch Properties
Capacity: 33 tons
Thickest Material: 0.25 in
Tool Stations: 8
Axis Speed: 1,575 IPM
Drive motors: DC Servo
Power Requirements: 230/60/3 phase
Sheet Size: 29.5 in x 39.37 in
Maximum Hole Diameter: 3.5 in
Tool Stations that can rotate: 1
Hits Per Minute at 1 inch centers: 150
Smallest Programmable Increment: 0.001 in
Type: FANUC 6M
Display type: Monochrome display
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 4
Display size: 9"
Operating system: Embedded
Programming system: Absolute / Incremental
Weight: 9,800 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.