3D CAD - Formed Part

Multiple View Angles
SMP - 3D Multiple View Angles

Gives you various angles to examine your 3D model to make any corrections precisely and accurately.

Sharp/Radius/Chamfer/Notch Corners
SMP - 3D Sharp/Radius/Chamfer/Notch Corners

Create Sharp, Radius, Chamfer and Notch Corners to meet your design requirements.

Inside Bends
SMP - 3D Inside Bends

Easily identify interior angle of the bend.

Outside Bends
SMP - 3D Outside Bends

Simply define exterior angle of the bend.

Hem/FlatFold Bends
SMP - 3D Hem/FlatFold Bends

Doubling over your corners to make handling safer and stronger.

Arc Edges
SMP - 3D Arc Edges

Design non-linear edges with ease.

SMP - 3D Holes

Freely plot holes on your part.

Grid of Holes
SMP - 3D Grid of Holes

Create entire grids off of a single hole design.

Bolt Hole Patterns
SMP - 3D Bolt Hole Patterns

Allows automatically calculated spacing for bolt placement.

Internal Edges
SMP - 3D Internal Edges

Allows for the handling of non-standard patterns completely enclosed by the part material.

Single/Dual Edge Bypass
SMP - 3D Single/Dual Edge Bypass

Single: When Geometry of a sheered edge is known but the single edge is unknown.
Dual: Created to help design mitered corners where the intersection of two edges is unknown.


Quickly change or modify an existing part on the fly.