Custom Part Programming

Merry Mech can program your parts and help you meet your production schedule

Sheet Metal Fabrication Software

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Our true-shape nesting is designed to nest sheet metal parts, maximize material utilization, increase productivity, and decrease turnaround time.


Perfect for Laser, Plasma, Wire EDM, and WaterJet Machines, our software provides you full control to meet your needs.


Whether using Turrets, Rails, or Carousels, our software handles all your tooling needs including Rounds, Squares, Obrounds, Rectangles, and all your specialty tools seamlessly.

NC Readback

Designed to reverse engineer existing programs and converts the original NC code back to the root part including unique geometry recognition for existing nests.

CAD/CAM Sheet Metal Software

Sheet Metal Program Industry Standard, or more commonly referred to as SMP/IS creates perfect flat patterns, imports CAD files, Creates nests dynamically, and provides a seamless CAD/CAM environment that marries design and manufacturing to increase productivity.



SMP’s Computer Aided Design Module allows you to Draw or Import 2D and 3D files.



SMP offers a variety of nesting solutions including Interactive and Automatic Nesting.



SMP’s Computer Aided Manufacturing Module allows you to automatically generate NC code.


Premium Features

Geom, Formed Part, Flat Pattern, Single Part NC, and Multiples create the seamless CAD/CAM environment.


Reverse Engineering

NC Readback converts your NC Code into a standard CAD file to process through other CNC Machines.


Trusted by ThousandsOver 37 years of Industry Leading software and support


Machine Drivers

Our Post Development Team is well versed with the multitude of new and used CNC Machines available to the sheet metal industry. Every post driver is custom made to your specific fabrication needs.

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I program 5 Amadas -- two Pegas, a Coma and two Vellas -- three with auto-indexing; I average 125 programs a week. It is a joy to use the software. Keep up the good work!
NC Programmer / Customer since 1983

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