Amada Apelio II 357

The punch laser combo machine Apelio II 357 from Amada's Apelio II series performs great and is very reliable.

The Apelio II series has an Artificial Intelligence function that has an automatic selection of the laser or punching process along with direct graphic user input.

Amada Apelio 357

With Merry Mechanization's SMP punch/laser software, you'll get lots of sheet metal parts out the door seamlessly.

This machine has a low minimum floor space requirement, because the design is very compact.

The storage of your data is guaranteed as the IC Card Control System is pertinent.

The reliability and rigidness of the Apelio II's bridge flame has been demonstrated for lots of years.

Machine Specifications

Apelio II 357
Machine frame: Double-C Frame
Laser Properties
Laser power: 1500 W
Oscillator: C-1500
Laser type: CO2-Laser
Working range for Laser (X x Y): 1830 x 1270 mm
Type: C-1500
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Duty range: 0 ~ 100%
Stability: ± 1.00 %
Beam divergence: < 2 mm x mrad
Laser source: AC HF excited, fast-flowing
Pulse frequency: Hz
Laser wave length: 10.6 µm
Lasergas consumption: 10 l per hour
Punching properties
Punching force: 300 kN
Working range for punching (X x Y): 1270 x 1830 mm
Tool stations: 58
Punching drive: Hydraulic
Tooling system: Turret magazine
Tool stations that can rotate: 2
Operating system: Embedded
Controlled axes (simultaneously): 3
Length: 5,520 mm
Height: 1,030 mm
Display size: 14"
Operating system: Embedded
Programming system: ISO / EIA
Width: 4,619 mm
Weight: 15,000 kg

Specifications may vary. Manufacturers reserve the right to change the specs at any time without notice.